Eyes are the most beautiful feature in our face. Attractive looking eyes can change your whole look. So knowing how to make your eyes look stunning is important.

Applying eyeliner is important as it enhances the beauty of your eye. If your liner is positioned correctly, your eye will look bright and big. Define your eyes correctly with this eye-catching technique which are easy and fun do to-do. And also stop worrying about wasting those extra hours sitting in front of your mirror to set that liner.


Simple look

Remember struggling to overdraw those straight lines as a child?? The same thing you still do when you try wearing your eyeliner. But this easy trick is going to help you to apply liner like a pro. Start with drawing smaller strokes along your upper lash. A single stroke can be complicated, so join those small lines you have made earlier.

The smudgy look

To make the previous look more sensational, you must apply kohl in your waterline.  Then smudge the line softly with a brush. You can bring it downward for that extra drama. Now by applying another stroke of eyeliner at the top portion can add up the drama.

Eyeliner styles

Perfect winged liner

Winged eyes or catty eyes are a great hit among parties these days. Try it to become the talk of the show. After the natural looking style, this look will make your eyes fuller. Press the tip at the outer edge of your eye to make your wing. Then sweep up your already created line towards your eyebrow.

Rima Dutta

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