A perfect sunlit morning can turn into a mini-marathon when you are late for work. This is the time when you try to skip one of the essential meals of the day – breakfast. Missing out on breakfast can lower your metabolic rate and thus bad mood at work.


If you want to save that extra time and set your mood right at your workplace, you must look for some simple and healthy breakfast ideas.

Tasty 5 minute Idlis

Many people prefer traditional Indian breakfast over English or French breakfast. There are ample options to look for. Try making idlis which are healthy and tasty to start off your day. The powder is easily available at the market. You can mix the powder with water and create a batter. Put the batter on the pan and let it cook. Keep until it is all set to eat. You can also put some veggies to make it delicious.

Spice it up with eggs

An egg is a good source of energy and is easy to make. You can get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and protein from eggs. Make scrambled eggs in less than five minutes. You can also include two slices of bread for a better taste. While talking about egg how can we forget omelettes? It is very easy as all you need to do is break the shell, sprinkle pepper or salt. Then you are ready to go.

Low oil paranthas

Aloo paranthas, if made with cooking spray instead of oil can lower your health hazard. Making smart yet tasty food is important for your overall wellbeing. Low oil paranthas can be eaten with apple and fresh yoghurt.

Now that you know what a yummy and appetizing breakfast is, you will have no more problems to start your day.

Rima Dutta

I am a food lover and a music enthusiast. Writing is my passion and I like writing about new topics every day. I have written music blogs and entertaining people makes me happy.