After the long summer months, enjoy the refreshing pours of rain and the cool mesmerizing weather. There are certain times when that rain takes place without clouds what Indians call it “Bin Baadal Barsat”. Monsoon does not mean drizzling rain but a heavy shower. This phase of time you must think about what to wear and what not. Let’s find out what kind of fashion we can carry on this wet weather.

As this a wet season if you wear cotton tops they will soak rainwater and will keep you wet and will make you feel uncomfortable. Also, avoid linen clothes because they shrink when gets wet. It is better you select some chiffon and nylon fabric which will easily get dry and won’t stick to your body and make you feel comfortable. Monsoon makes the surroundings look dull and drab, hence trying bright coloured outfits like blue, pink etc with a dark shade of bottom. Bright colours also make you look classy.

Monsoon Style

It is quite obvious that you will carry an umbrella and waterproof coats. You can’t wear metallic jewellery because it gets oxidized in damp weather. You should wear ornaments made out of wood and plastic. In the rainy season, there is water everywhere, so its better you avoid any sort of sandals or heels and wear Flip-flops, boots which dry easily.

Matching with your style, you can try buns and twisty braids hairstyle to opt for a stylish look. Put some hair serum to avoid frizz. During this time of the year, you must avoid liquid makeup because sweat mixed with makeup will make you look weird. Apply some gel makeup like gel foundation, gel liner and apply a coat of lip balm first then apply matte lipstick on it to get a nice look that will put for a long time.

Jacklyn Ryan

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