Artificial Intelligence is software that works analytically and has the decision making and learning abilities like that of a human. It is a branch of computer science that studies the intelligent entity, not from the view of an engineer but from the psychological and philosophical area. In 1956, this term was first coined and it took 25 years to come into effect in the commercial world.

AI will allow you to learn new concepts without escalating your brain. This will associate you with the higher level representation and will allow you to expand your creative process. There are many “Weak” AI and “Strong” AI.

AI – the way into the future

The report states that automated ITSM processes can only function if it is provided with correct information and often mistake can occur if a customer accidentally provides wrong information.  If you add AI technology to your chatbots it will help you in the automated development of that have the capacity to diagnose and even assist on the incidents and can request correctly without your involvement.

Companies like Amazon, Samsung, and Google are preparing the voice assistant on their device to get a good response and understanding different English accent by saving the repetition of the question. The report states that PricewaterhouseCoopers uses different sets of data to make the prediction, which includes the shopping recommendation. This has now become the largest area for the AI all over the world.

Banking sectors are now relying on the AI for creating the better service for the customers. Banks like HDFC and State Bank of India has already launched the chatbots to handle all the customer queries. Another biggest example of AI technology in our homes is Amazons’ Alexa that carries out all the function through voice instructions such as playing music, answering questions, and even making an online purchase.

Many companies are providing AI based services to lift them out of obscurity. It is heard that a time may come when there will driverless vehicles that will be seen on the Indian roads. India is adapting AI technology in a rapid state. According to a report from Capgemini, it is found that the maximum of the Indian companies using this technology. AI technology is playing a highly active role in our lives in 2018; it is expected that within a few years the world will work on this technology.

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