NOA|AON is setting the perfect mood for his listeners with new released music mixes. This movement was initiated by famous pro-cyclist Pavel Stuchlik. Once you unfold his music folder in soundcloud, you will start playing into the tracks in repetition. Music is his passion and he wants to inject this habit into others who love listening to different genres. However, NOA|AON has always focused on the EDM and dance genre. There is a new melodic development that is easily notched throughout the creations of this great DJ.

Well, this young DJ has released another new track ‘#NOAMOVEMENT Volume 20 – live from Orlando’ which is really groovier. As electronic dance music DJ and producer, NOA|AON has a lot to offer to his audiences. ‘#NOAMOVEMENT Volume 20 – live from Orlando’ is not only one of the best creations of this artist, but also, it is delivering the most effective rhythmic blend. The lyrical prowess goes perfectly with each rhythmic fusion as well. Electronically, ‘#NOAMOVEMENT Volume 20 – live from Orlando’ is adding a new charm to the world of EDM and dance.

Every single notation in this song impacts audiences in innovative ways. There is a hypnotic manner works throughout the single. The production and creativity throughout the single #NOAMOVEMENT Volume 20 – live from Orlando’ is really amazing. It has proved why NOA|AON stands out in the crowd. His mesmerizing soundscape is encouraging the listeners to go with a new flow of musicality. Apart from this music mentioned above, NOA|AON’s other creations are also in the category of must-hear. The music that he involves in the track is subtle but clear. However, there are people who want to receive more creations by this great DJ. If you have notice the same craze within your mind, then stay tuned to this famous personality.

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