YannaMaria is a versatile singer and very passionate about songwriting and dancing. She presents classically smooth R&B and Soul vibes in her newly released track Always On Time. She is a very young singer of twenty-two whose approach is towards creativity and creating good music. Other than the smooth vibes and the soulful vocals there is a lot more to pay attention to. There are a lot of details in the ambiance and the tune is so melodious and pleasing to the ears. She has completely showcased her skills in this song ‘Always On Time’.

R&B is known as Rhythm and Blues which was previously used by the record companies. Before you get into the lyrics and vocals, you will get mesmerized with the uplifting musicality of the R&B and Soul track ‘Always On Time’. Female R&B Singer, Yannamaria’s voice is smooth, soulful and delivers winding melody line. The melodious beats meet the requirement of each moment. After hearing it once, you will get accustomed to the flow of the lyrics and the soundscape.

This Baltimore, MD, United States artist YannaMaria is creating music which helps people to relax. All songs of YannaMaria are different from each other, fresh and unique offering an easy going atmosphere. The melodious tune adds to the attractiveness of the track. The song ‘Always On Time’ has a smooth and beautiful introduction which offers good vibe and boosts your interest to listen to the track on loop. So if you want to listen to something creatively refreshing then visit SoundCloud at the earliest to stream this track. Other hits by YannaMaria are ‘Kinda Like It’, ‘Bounce Back’ etc. She released her song via Austin Music Group. For her captivating music videos visit her Youtube channel. To get more updates on her latest events and releases, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile.


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