You will get addicted to all the gorgeously infectious tracks of DJ Hanzy. He has become the topic of discussion amongst many with his pulsating mash-ups. The perfect level of energy created in his tracks will uplift your mood and help you forget all your worries for a few moments. Hanzy is a young artist of seventeen from Glasgow, United Kingdom and his music is progressive, future house and big room inspired. He is striving hard to make refreshing and unique music for his fans.

Hanzy is working on making an hour long mix tracks of his favourite EDM music with some mash-ups. The beats of his tracks grow more intense as it progresses and offers listeners the perfect bit of escapism. He has released his new mix track Hanzy hour – Sunday Session #11which is a part of his playlist named ‘Hanzy Hour’ which has eleven tracks in total. Hanzy has tried to strike a balance between what is conventional about the Dance and EDM genre and something unique. The blissful vibes these happy tracks offer is something that you expect from Dance and EDM tracks.

Apart from his mash-ups, he has also released remixed track ‘Laidback Luke – Rockin With The Best’. This remixed track is particularly impressive because it shows his creativity and professionalism. He has some of his own songs along with the mash-ups like ‘Assassin’, ‘Cell Phone’. The rhythm and the smoothness of these tracks help you to uplift your energy. Hanzy is a DJ cum producer having an unquestionable passion for music. If you are thinking of partying in any of the weekends, then Hanzy’s tracks would be the best option. Check SoundCloud for his latest Dance and EDM releases. To know about Hanzy’s latest events, visit his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profile. Visit his Youtube channel for his eye-grabbing music videos.

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