Virginia music artist Butch Robins

Enjoy the music in Butch Robins’s new track ‘Sleigh Ride’.  The lyrics in the track is well composed and the instrumentation in the track is heart catching.  Butch Robins is an individualist, a self-styled philosopher and a lifelong student of music and art. His techniques of playing banjo have enabled him to share the sound of that instrument and develop the music of an extremely diverse range of musical stylist and definers of a genre. He is an artist, a thinker, a musician, and a storyteller. Tony Trischka says “He may also be the world’s foremost bluegrass philosopher”. He is a critically acclaimed musician, recording artist, instructor, and lecturer. His career has covered many diverse bases, each attacked with a remarkable intensity that has yielded not only great but a much acute observation about music. In his track Sleigh Ride he has played the banjo, the song is written by Leroy Anderson and sung by Kathy Chiavola.

Virginia music artist Butch Robins is an intense, serious person, with philosopher’s sensibilities about many subjects. His works involve overall look of a probing analyst, an exacting craftsman and also his passion of reaching for the highest values in life. In 1977, he has become the banjoist for Bill Monroe and his ‘Blue Grass boys’. The melody in the track ‘Sleigh Ride’ weaves out and surrounds the listeners with its simple notes; it also grabs the listener’s attention on the words. The opening line in the track makes the weight and the importance much clear. Here, rhythm scheme presents short fragments of a poetic idea which connects in an captivating way.

Melody in Butch Robins’s track ‘Sleigh Ride’ for the hook section grows more and more enjoyable with each new appearance. The lyrics consistently provoke thought and feel freshly intelligent and reflective. The smoothness of this song is striking and strangely calming in its simplicity. To listen to his songs simply visit in Soundcloud. Get more updates about his upcoming music then you must follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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