Underground House DJ Funkt3ch from Netherlands

A lot of music tracks have hit the playlist this year, and some of them have left a deep impact on your soul. However, with the year finally coming to an end the DJ come producer Funkt3ch decided to end it with a bang with his latest creation ‘Heard It All Before’. It can be categorised as the best party track, this year can end with. With the help of a few other artists and DJs, Funkt3ch created this brilliant track that has blown people’s minds. Based on the genre of House, this track is perfect for celebration and suits the ambience of any club. It is the kind of music that you enjoy with friends at the end of the day.

This underground house DJ from Netherlands is on the way, to give the world a taste of his music. Partnering with DJ Danny Foster, Rogue and Blaize, Funkt3ch managed to create the song of the year. ‘Heard It All Before’ has a lyricism that will intensify anyone’s desire to hit the dance floor. The hypnotic quality of this musical journey compels you to hear this track time and again. There is a sense of growth through the track. With each verse, the song seems to catch a new sensation of melodic passion. The backdrop is beautifully intertwined with the voice the singer and the symphonies compliment the ambience of the song all the way.

This track has subjective interpretation allowing each listener to enjoy it in their own way. Funkt3ch has a worldwide audience who appreciate his musical gifts. Their loving support can be seen in his social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. His new release ‘Heard It All Before’ is trending on every social media site. His love his fans are seen through the relationship he keeps with them.

Please click here to listen the track:


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