Coq Freisenberger is one of the eminent artists in the music industry. His music carries out the theme of the inevitability of death and the quest for immortality. His tracks keep the throbbing wave of the synths and a subsequent riff that feels a little retro in nature. In the latter half of the tracks, the journey redirected as a new melody and a slightly new feel or the section of the story emerge. The song ‘Little Green Men’ grows to be a completely dreamlike and soothing yet melodically unpredictable piece. The beat and the movement of the whole thing hits beautifully.

The music in Coq Freisenberger’s tracks is simple yet entrancing that contrasts well with the detail and complexity which surrounds the listeners.  The rhythm in the track ‘Mojave Ritual’ fills the room in a nostalgic almost eighties-like fashion. The way the synths and the riffs intertwine and collaborate in Coq Freisenberger’s tracks creates a vast and warm ocean of sound. There are multiple layers of color and the simple energy which are softly mesmerizing.

Rising melody in an upcoming electronic musician from Los Angeles Coq Freisenberger’s tracks takes time to grab the listeners, yet again the beat in the track works well to surround the listeners. The track ‘Synphony Of Words And Wind’ offers an entrancing rhythm and a few colorful layers, even some easily recognizable riffs which help to give the moment character. You can also listen to his like ‘Sex Sin And Synths – re: Conversation w DS Peligro’, ‘Centaur Elephants’, ‘CentaurX’ and many others simply by tuning to Soundcloud. The tracks set a scene before the listeners that fit the implied sentiments in the track. He crafted the track in a thoughtful and skillful way. You can get more updates about his simply by following him on Twitter and Facebook.

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