New Rapper from Austin Erickque (Zire)

Trap music is one of the very popular sub genres of hip hop music genre. It has accumulated for itself quite a lot of fans across the globe. This new rapper from Austin Erickque (Zire)  has come up with a mesmerizing trap track ‘Babysitters Nightmare’ which takes trap music to a whole new level. This artist likes to focus on many music genres like trap, R&B & soul and hip hop and rap music genre. His music speaks the truth about many things through his music while having a great time. This consummate rapper has already performed in many places like Vegas, Tennessee, Atlanta and Texas. If you are looking for new varieties of trap music, then you must listen to this artist’s music.

From the very fast few bars of this brand new track ‘Babysitters Nightmare’ this authentic music piece really commands the audiences’ attention. This incredibly talented rapper named Erickque (Zire) brings authentic, melodic, funky and humble sounds for the music lovers. This track delivers the perfect vibe, suitable for unwinding and getting the listeners into a party mode. The engaging ambience, poetic lyricism and the unique vocal performance of the artist are what make this track so worth listening to. The interesting melody-line and the pleasurable song writing offer something very refreshing and truly majestic.

The beats and hooks come off as very wonderful and the soundscape gives off a slight tribal feel with increasing anticipation. There is a certain personal touch and the intricately detailed story-line paints a complex and an intriguing picture. The verses pave the way beautifully toward a fascinating and a satisfying hook section which sometimes feel totally new yet comforting. The ideas and the concepts which are put forward through clear-cut style of writing. His music is already viral on Facebook and Instagram.

Please click here to listen the track:

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