Hip-hop music lovers must listen to Yvng Leaf’s tracks. His way of composing the music and beats makes the track attractive and creates a great impact on listeners.

Aspiring artist Yvng Leaf is one of the well-known artists in the world of hip-hop and rap music. Music is his dream and passion and he wants to spread his music all over the world. Through his music, he tries to bring positivity in the life of the listeners. In his debut EP, Afterlife, he showed his diversity as an artist and set a name for himself.  He wanted his music to be unique and different at the same time.  His music is all about re-evaluating his life. Yvng Leaf music brings out the story of his life. The lyric in the track ‘This Time’ grows more and more striking as the song develops.

The instrumentation behind Pennsylvania’s rap star Yvng Leaf’s song With My Crew is an integral part that makes it work well. There is a sense of weight and drama to the melodies and the vocal delivery which grabs the attention of the listeners. The creativity and the skill combine well to produce something which is actually refreshing. The rap in the track ‘With My Crew’ plays a vital role that is offering delicate depth of tone and thus further splashes to familiarity. The mellow energy in the track is quite refreshing and the rhythm is undoubtedly reminiscent.

The whole thing in Yvng Leaf’s track This Time sounds great and presents fragments of optimistic ideas that fill the room. The intensity within the track rises continuously. The rhythm and subtle bounce of the music has a certain delicacy which works beautifully. Some of Yvng Leaf other songs that you will like to listen to is ‘Leaf’s Nirvana’, ‘My Space’, ‘Demon Slayer Kid’, and ‘No More’. You can get more updates about his upcoming music and events by following his social sites.  You can also listen to Yvng Leaf songs simply by streaming to Soundcloud.

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