Bigg Kahuna is one of the eminent artists in the world of rap music. His music is produced under SP Muzic production house. His songs mainly carry out the story of life and he also tries to bring positivity in the life of the listeners through his music. The overall effect is the one which lingers in the mind of the listeners for a longer period of time. The soundscape behind the performance enhances the retro feel, especially during the hook. The subject matter within Bigg Kahuna’s track is something that kept music and the rap verses very close to the heart.

The use of contrast within the performance in Bigg Kahuna’s track ‘We Got So Muck In Common’ adds dynamic variation to an otherwise smooth and simply rhythmic piece of music. The beat within the track evolves throughout in a uniquely interesting way. The changing pace and the storyline seek the listener’s attention. The opening riff runs throughout Bigg Kahuna’s track in a hypnotic manner and presented in the lyricism.

The lyricism in Bigg Kahuna’s track ‘how it feel to be lied toy’ by Louisiana rap artist Bigg Kahuna intensifies, the pace quickens and listeners feel the hit of the emotion and the moment. The song ‘Fell In Love Wit Money’ maintains a clever balance between the one which is incredibly personal and the one which highly reachable. The vocal deliveries are collective in keeping the mood and the set-up of the backdrop. The soundscape in Bigg Kahuna’s track is dark and mysterious and later half breaking away to become something that is hopeful and unexpectedly melodic. Some of his other tracks are ‘Grind Hard’, and ‘Hustle That’s All I Know’.  If you want to listen to Bigg Kahuna’s songs all need is to visit the most popular website Soundcloud.

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