Hip-hop has never sounded so better till Los Angeles based artist RVJI released his new track ‘Visine’. He is a master of new-age lyrics ad he sings into the tune of his song with so much finesse. He might be new in the genre circle of hip-hop but he definitely is creating a unique style for his sound. RAJI is fluent in his comprehensive lyrics that show the tremendous potential and expertise of a true musician. Even as a newcomer to the collective music scene, his versatility reflects beautifully as an artist’s intellect in ‘Visine’. He is all about inspiring his audience and making them see hip-hop in a new light. And he definitely is moving very fast to reach his long-deserved appreciation and popularity.

The essence of ‘Visine’ is so beautifully compelling that it is contagious. Beautiful, real and full with the right kind of dramatic insertions, RVJI is just getting started with what he has at his disposal. As a musician, RAJI looks for accomplishment in the audience acceptance. It stands true for every artist and he too wants to be known for his contemporary take on hip-hop. ‘Visine’ is an example of the true musician’s galore that he has in store.

The pace at which he is moving with his career shows how far he will go. As ‘Visine’ is slowing making the biggest names of the industry take notice of his work, RVJI’s fans cannot wait for yet another celebration of hip-hop extravaganza. Reflecting his experiences of the different shades of life, he has made his lyrics so much more relatable to the audience. Feel free to support this massive effort of amazing music by following his social handles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And if you want to be a part of his endless stream of good hip-hop, tune into Soundcloud right now!

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