Matthew Schultz

In this spring season, if you want a track to boost your vacation mood, listen to the chill pop track ‘Somewhere Far’, by versatile American singer-composer Matthew Schultz on Spotify. I being a big fan of pop music was really fortunate to tune to this amazing single. The beautiful pop melody of this track is tinged with electronic undertone is certainly the one track that has purified my soul and has uplifted by mood this spring. The song is ranked among the chart-toppers in Spotify and is featured on the platform’s ‘Chill Hits’. So what are you waiting for, if you have not yet grooved to ‘Somewhere far’ just log on to the Spotify gallery of this rising star.

I have literally fallen for this artist and not just because of the single ‘Somewhere far’ but another amazing track ‘Promise for Keeps’.  This track has helped me to wash all my negativity and has helped to set my weekend party mood. Matthew has also dropped the electric bodega remix version of ‘Promise for keeps’ that is way more intriguing.   Mathew’s sensational voice texture is one key element behind the success of his tracks. He truly deserves to get an extra star for his outstanding collection of chill pop songs.

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