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The multi-genre music duo Stereo Nu-55 has launched another of their experimental track to the public and the audience can’t stop obsessing over it. This duo is known for having versatility at their tips and each of them has a different soundscape imbibed into it.  Stereo Nu-55 is looking forward to revolutionising electronic pop music into something that the audience has not heard before in the industry. Unlike other music c producers who seem to be focused on a particular genre, this music duo takes influences from several genres and this contributes to the uniqueness of their style.  Their latest launch to the audience which is titled as To Need You has a diverse range of melodies.

When it comes to formulating new music for the audience no one can beat Stereo Nu-55 in this process. Theses multimedia music producer from Kentucky mixes and matches electronic genre with classic rock influences to bring something authentic but new for the listeners to enjoy. Combining classical instrumentation with modern synthesised soundscape they are hoping to bring a new style of music to the stage. And it can be said that ‘To Need You’ has all these elements combined making it one of the revolutionised track of the century. The soundscape is full of melodic rhythms and hypnotic beats making it the perfect track to dance to.

Among some of the other tracks for which Stereo Nu-55 is known in the industry are ‘ Searching I’m Lost’, ‘I Am Mic Jaguris’, ‘Roads’ and many more. Stereo Nu-55 has also collaborated with other artists when launching many tracks; however ‘To Need You’ has been one of their best creations yet. The intensity of the track increases with each new verse and the soundscape turns out to be captivating.  You can connect with Stereo Nu-55 through YouTube and Facebook.

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