Up and coming musician JazzMidi is setting the gala on fire with his dynamic new TrackSound of Serenity Vol. 5’. He is an exceptionally talented DJ, producer and remixer whose musical compositions are making the party animals lose control on the floor. He mainly specializes in deep house and nuDisco music genres. He owns a recording label named JM Productions. His music is mainly based on intense feelings and emotions which are capable of getting any music fans high. His carefully crafted tracks are delivering unforgettable music experiences for music enthusiasts worldwide.

This famous DJ in Seattle JazzMidi’s engaging new Track ‘Sound of Serenity Vol. 5’ is drowning the audience with intensely ambient aura and mesmerizing riffs and synths. The Track is mixed by another artist named Serenity who has lent his own style and touch to the whole thing. The unapologetic pace and the impetuous beats hit the ears of the listeners with a lot of impact. The spirited soundscape makes your heart skip and deliver an uplifting experience. The main reason this artist’s music stand out in the crowd is that the high energy and urgency get to you and makes you sing and dance along to the music in no time.

The tracks in JazzMidi’s Track like ‘RunSQ with Emma Brammer – Give You Up (Summer Vibe Mix)’, ‘Dua Lipa – New Rules (SG Lewis Remix)’, ‘Airdust –Flight Mode (Original Mix)’ and ‘Fabio Vee-Real Mermaid (Original Mix)’ take deep house music to a whole new level. They are very thoughtfully crafted and incredibly gratifying. This artist’s music is steadily rising in the music industry due to the maddening tempo and the noteworthy feels and vibes. The multi-layered instrumentation and the haunting ambience hold the attention of the audience throughout the whole room. No wonder this artist’s music is already viral on Twitter and YouTube.

Full track here:


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