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‘The Excellence of Execution’ by the upcoming new jersey rapper SLiCE Bellefantè has been amongst the top-rated songs for quite some time now. The album is a collection of 19 amazingly created tracks that have all the elements of hip hop music in a perfect balance. Tune in to the tracks of the album and flow with the cool vibes and amazing lyrics. The heavy beats and words keep the listeners hooked to the tracks. There is the presence of a seemingly relaxed, intimate vocal delivery that suits the aggressive nature of the lyrics perfectly. The words furnish detail and character and the performances of the artists are constantly expressive and appealing. The tracks are created in an amazingly satisfying way that keeps you engaged.

‘The Real Is Back’, ‘Kill It’, ‘How To Get It’, ‘From The Wall To The Window’ , ‘Between The Lines’, ‘Give This A Try’ are some of the amazing tracks of the album ‘The Excellence of Execution’ by SLiCE Bellefantè. The soundscape of these tracks connects strongly with the listeners. The tracks are filled with high energy and a rich presentation that makes listeners fall in love with the tracks. The tracks are fast-paced but musically flawless. The hypnotic beats attract the listeners and then as the tracks go on the listeners sink into the depth of mesmerizing lyrics and well-composed music.

The tone and beats from the very starting moment of each and every track of The Excellence of Execution by SLiCE Bellefantè set your mood. The freshness and strong vibes will impress you every time you listen. The full album is available on SoundCloud, you can tune in and listen to other tracks of SLiCE Bellefantè whenever you feel like grooving on the amazing hip hop beats. For more updates, you can follow SLiCE Bellefantè on Twitter and Instagram.

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