Iris Stryx

Music patrons always intend to experience new and innovative music tracks every day. Especially, they gather at Soundcloud the most happening music podium, where they discover songs according to their preferences. This time, a Bahamas female Hip-hop artist Iris Stryx has showcased her commendable tracks ‘Island Girl’, ‘Get like me’, ‘Have a good time’, ‘Money works’ ‘Shake the girl’ etc on Soundcloud, which are drawing numerous listeners towards them through their captivating tunes.

These soundtracks are endowed with a typical tropical spell which is quite catchy to the ears. You will be able to find out that these tracks Island Girl’, ‘Get like me’, ‘Have a good time’, ‘Money works’ ‘Shake the girl’ etc are completely absorbed in rhythms which will engross you for sometimes even after you finish listening to these. The beats which embellish these works are quite adequate to make you tap your feet and enjoy these thoroughly. You will be willing to celebrate your life whenever you will experience the songs of Iris Stryx. These songs emit a vibe of sheer optimism which will assist to spread positivity all-encompassing your life. The fascinating tonal quality of the female vocalist drags the listeners to an entirely distinct arena where they only relish their lives. The unrelenting raps which ornament these songs are really praiseworthy. There prevail essences of refreshment within the tracks which act as healing medicines which pacify the moods of those listeners who are at their lows.

This Bahamas female Hip-hop artist Iris Stryx belongs from Florida, U.S.A who unveils all her music from the production house named, Waterbear Music Production house. Iris Stryx is currently, undergoing some anxiety, depression related issues and she is combating these demons quite well through her songs. You can follow her on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud accounts.

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