Damagio N Da TomahawksHip-hop and rap music have again left an impression over the minds of the music admirers but this time with a record-breaking response. Music admirers have created heavy traffic over the busiest music platform, YouTube to listen to the trending song track, Superthug – Watch Me by the already acclaimed artist Damagio N Da Tomahawks. This song is most probably his best work till this date. This famous artist has made it certain to establish his excellence of craftsmanship through this rendition.

‘Superthug – Watch Me’ is a refreshing demonstration of moderns, smart rap, and Hip-hop genre. This video is composed of a vivid backdrop. It depicts how the male vocalist is wandering about the streets of downtown and it’s mainly occurring in a market. As this video song proceeds you will find out, it is unfolding some pretty relatable stories. This song ‘Superthug – Watch Me’ kicks into gear with catchy raps that will immediately firm a position in your heart. The rhythm will certainly make you nod your head and tap your feet with it.

The weighty voice quality of the male vocalist creates thunder in the hearts of the spectators. Despite having a short duration of this video, this song will generate a lifetime impact over your mind due to its spectacular concept. It has got a smooth track but a memorable loop which is worth-remembering to the viewers. In its lyrics aspect, there lies a sense of individuality which naturally makes this track a distinct one.

This song ‘Superthug – Watch Me’ seems eclectic to its impact. The strong timber of it comes in a package alongside a vibrant soundscape. It’s a stimulating video for music freaks to escape within you. It displays massive creativity on part of the artist Damagio N Da Tomahawks. This composer has incorporated a sense of character and an honest intention within this track. He has done quite a sublime work of arranging a piece of music which is worth-sharing. This track embarks upon a pleasant groove and a realm of hypnotism which is marvelously weaved in.  It will make you contemplate upon it intensely on its underlying concept. This song stands-out for its creative manifestation.

This talented musician belongs from Brooklyn, New York and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can check him out on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Rima Dutta

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