In the world of rock music @Best has secured a prominent platform. His tracks are produced under the production house of familyfirstmusic. He composes songs of alternative rock and rap. The musicality in the track Intro Witchcraft (I Love U)/ God In Generic is outstanding it keeps the listeners engrossed from the start till the end. The way he made the instrumental set-up it gives a new looks and makes it quite different from the other tracks. The whole thing in the track creates a beautiful ambiance. Each and every element in the track shines brightly. He has a large number of followers on his Facebook and Instagram profile. In these two platforms, you can find updates about his upcoming music and events.

The sound in @Best’s track ‘Intro Witchcraft (I Love U)/ God In Generic’ bridges the gap between the artist and the audience. The ending of the track is colorful and impressive. The movement of the track is refreshing and there is the presence of amazing instrumental work. The intensity and energy in the track make it even more gorgeous. His performance and style of music in the track makes it quite attractive. The hook in the track is memorable as well as natural. The concept of the track reaches its passionate peak. Just to enjoy this track you have to tune to music streaming site Soundcloud.

All the instrumental work in @Best’s track ‘Intro Witchcraft (I Love U)/ God In Generic’ is melodic and beautiful. There is a continuous rise in passion. The introduction and finishing of the track are beautiful. This stunning track is thoughtful and beautifully crafted. The track is quickly memorable and also has an addictive melodic structure. The track leads in the direction of the fresh and uplifting direction.  At every step, the track becomes stronger and stronger.


Check out to listen this song ‘Intro Witchcraft (I Love U)/ God In Generic’ by @Best :



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