Hip hop and rap music have always been associated with the streets of Bronx, New York and how the youthful rappers came down on the avenue with gritty and hard-hitting rap stories, dance and graffiti. This season it is not the streets of NY City but North Carolina that is witnessing the same vibrancy, in fact, a beat louder with the Charlotte rapper named RichPutt, the fiercely talented and innovative artist whose artworks are literally set to give a whole new identity to the genre.

He is a full-on swagger made of just the essential elements that it needs to become an iconic rapper. His music pieces are loaded with energetic elements and terrific music score but what will woo you his unblemished rapping style that will hook you to his music gallery. RichPutt has just joined the bandwagon and the track that you will grab your attention is She A Freak now streaming on SoundCloud. Young Rich was extremely proactive in his high school and was famous for his rapping skills. Be it a school event or just a house party with his friends, RichPutt would leave his audience awestruck with his edgy rap narration. However, he never thought that his love for rapping would make him a star someday.

Today, Rich is in the path where he is witnessing fame and popularity with his unparallel music making, song-writing and of course rapping skills. The track that exposes his stardom is ‘She A Freak’. Right from the opening music score, followed by his energetic rapping style and hitting punch lines, ‘She A Freak’ is the perfect party banger. It too has a clean version and Rich Putt dedicates the track to the sensational pole dancers who spark up the mood of every night clubs. Follow your next rap sensation on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


Experience hot new single ‘She A Freak’ on SoundCloud here :

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