Smoov Bully

Smoov Bully is an artist with a clear understanding of contemporary music embellished with an unquestionable ability to craft music that will drive listeners to listen to his mesmerizing tonality. His tracks espouse rap tonality without the restrictive limitation, forging a unique hypnotic experience with his musicality. The music is delivered in a surreal fashion with experimental depths of hip-hop and rap textures infused gracefully to carve beautiful soundscapes leaving behind an engagingly cinematic listening season. His attitude speaks volumes as he continues to deliver anthems that have elements of captivating lyrics and creative tunes, together making for a rare, gel well record.

In his recent soundtrack No More under the label 11717 has lyrics that adhere to a desire to express a certain sentiment, a loving ode, and dedication to a woman which pours through in both the soundscape and the lyrics. The track leads with energetic hip-hop like vibe, a thrilling bounce of beat that’s anything but flawless. You get the smooth sound of the artist’s voice progressing rhythmically in a confident manner to express his innermost feelings for a woman who has ditched his feelings. He feels cheated upon and delivers a heartfelt soundtrack enough to get you listening to it in a likable way. The song is undeniably an easy hit.

Smoov Bully appears as an artist who acts with emotional intelligence and there’s something inherently enjoyable about his songs that instantly forms a connection with the listener. The artist’s songs are driven by hooky lyrics framed beautifully with his smooth and confident vocals progressing consistently to uplift your mood with the groovy vibes. He is committed to creating indelible impressions upon first hearing of his tracks.  Enjoy his impressive musicality on Soundcloud and follow the artist on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to enjoy all his current updates.


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