Music’s greater perspective in the backdrop of relevant socio-cultural growth has found its purpose in many areas of life. With Almighty’s unadulterated blessings by his side, upcoming contemporary Christian and gospel artist Bruce Baker who goes by his stage name IAmBruceBakerMusic is presenting to the world some of the most compelling musical notes alongside the guarded linearity of faith. His newly released track ‘I Am Your Healer’ showcases the grace and divinity that almighty has bestowed upon us all. ‘I Am Your Healer’ is characterized by all the elemental qualities of musical transcription along with an inspiring message for everyone to look up to in mesmeric optimism.


Florida music artist IAmBruceBakerMusic’s tryst with composing notes of unparalleled musical progression started back in elementary school when he was just 12. With time and exposure, he gradually came across God’s relentless compassion that would later save him from the cruelties of reality. Bruce Baker has always had the blessings of the Supreme Lord who was instrumental in healing his ailing parents and in focusing his life towards morally right objectives. A sense of the all-inclusive properties of life has led IAmBruceBakerMusic to spread the joy of God and his invincible belongingness with humanity to find a way into everyone’s heart through his musical expressions.

I Am Your Healer’ addresses the intricacies of crisis in terms of physical, emotional, and medical turmoil that remain indispensable in everyone’s life. IAmBruceBakerMusic has channelized his instincts of motivational direction towards the right path of celebration and given his audience the positivity to lead their lives with purpose. If you are willing to be a part of this purity of bliss and commitment, lend your ears to the melodic workflow and musical excellence of IAmBruceBakerMusic on his social platforms on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for more creative splendor.

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