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If you are a hip hop music fanatic you’ll agree to the fact that this vibrant genre is getting innovative every season. One of the key reasons for this is the avant-garde approaches of the new wave rappers who have given a whole new dimension to this witty genre. This summer SoundCloud listeners are tuning to the beats of a single ‘OKAY’ by the upcoming rap genius Hero Nakamora. He is dashing and carefree with the right attitude that is needed to sustain in this competitive arena. Hero is signed by the production label OmniColor and working on various new projects that will soon be available for streaming on SoundCloud.

Multi-skilled South Carolina rapper Nakamora has been very passionate about rap music since his childhood. His voice has got an unusual texture that has added a unique touch to his single. ‘OKAY’ is all about how he looks into different things in life gives a closer look at his personality and his way of leading life. In contrary to the basic Carolina rap scene, Nakamora has tried to bring change through his music piece. The track ‘OKAY’ is a great balance between feet- tapping music score and a smooth rap-singing. Even if it is Nakamora’s debut project, ‘OKAY’ sounds quite professional.

The best part about Nakamora is that he is quite aware of the rising competition in the hip hop scene and to stick to his professionalism he has teamed up with other local artists in this track. Artist 16 Stonez has a very good rapport with Nakamora and it is very evident from the single ‘OKAY’. Producer Kylejunior needs special credits for his production genius.

For collaborations get in touch with Hero Nakamora directly through email at [email protected]. Have a sneak peek at his social sites at https://twitter.com/lleuqyt and https://www.instagram.com/lleuqyt.

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