Nowadays, the U.S.A President Donald Trump has been touring all over the United States to visit the places of recent mass shootings, though some people just denied his actual intention behind this trip.

Recently, while Donald’s better-half, Melania Trump was holding Paul Anchondon the two months old baby in her arms along with her husband, Donald, they were captured in a photograph.

Immediately after unrevealing the report of the baby becoming orphan when his parent’s Andre Anchondo and Jordan lost their lives while protecting the baby from the assailant, he has become quite a sensation nationwide.

The moment, the twenty-one-year-old Patrick Crusius began firing at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, finishing twenty-two people, the baby’s parents sacrificed their precious lives to safeguard their son.

Melania Trump Smiles And The Donald Gives Thumbs-Up in photo with the helpless baby, has generated quite a controversy these days.

This photo became viral instantly and many people hit hard this couple. Many people have affirmed strongly that, Donald Trump must enhance his brand impression in a much more respectful manner than utilizing an orphan baby who is injured and lost his parents.

The uncle of the baby, named, Tito Anchondo shielded Trump by mentioning The Associated Press that, as a human being, Trump had been present there to manifest his condolences. He added more, by telling that, they were trying to stay as strong as possible. His brother had passed away. He thought that they ought to be standing together as a strong country at this time of dire danger but must not transmit any hate messages.

The grandfather of Jordan Anchondo, John Jamrowski told, being politically neutral, they talked about this serious matter like a family. Elizabeth Terry, Jordan’s aunt expressed her thoughts by telling that, it’s the right time to mourn for those families which had been demolished and they should concentrate now on the healing process rather than getting influenced by the politics.

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