The talented and young Washington artist Desolo has crafted some brilliant pieces of music, fusing the best of his musical abilities and knowledge, a clear bond with creativity, and the actual picture of life. The soundscape of the tracks show how professionally built, and diverse in nature they are. The variety of vocal delivery in each track according to the mood shows his creative side, and it blends perfectly with each creative angle of the tracks. Most of his tracks ‘Te Extraño‘, ‘#MeToo‘, and ‘Lessons‘ are short, yet leave a long-lasting mark on the audience. The way different auras mix with the taste of hip hop, every time creates a new and catchy piece of music.

Digital World is considered to be one of his best tracks. The opening moments have a touch of smooth and calm instrumental flow and as the track progresses mild energy is introduced to it with the offset of the vocal delivery. The track keeps things light, unlike any other hip hop track that tends to hide behind loud music and beats. It is another easily memorable track among the magical collection of Desolo. A calming beat pours through the track, and you feel well-connected to the vocal performance. The track grows well, and beautifully highlights the vocal style that keeps maintaining the dynamic flow throughout.

Building skills as a singer is one thing, and having the confidence and self-belief to push hard at it is something else. Creating music is not new to Desolo; he has been doing it successfully for quite some time now. You can tune in to the music streaming site SoundCloud to listen to more of his tracks and subscribe to his YouTube channel for all the latest contents uploaded by him. Also, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get in touch with him.

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