Trap Baby DreTrap Baby Dre has mastered the art of blending crude artistry with entrancing soundscape, extracting the best from both the worlds, and during this process of fusion, merging energy, passion, intention, and never-ending love for the genre. Head To Toesets up the vibe and introduces the listeners with bars that are more filled with more than expected layers of character and color. The hip hop verses climb on to the moments and help in elevating the true essence of the underlying concept. The magical charisma of the artist starts to build on with time and once the sound has enveloped you completely, you start felling the charm of the artistry and the elements.

The opening verses are early highlights of the moments to follow. The entire arrangement is rhythmically stunning and designed with subtle yet powerful beats that contrast with the simple swagger of Trap Baby Dre. The vocal meanders around the various layers of the structural build-up. These layers bind up perfectly to create an ambiance that is worth experiencing more than a thousand times. The soundscape composed by this Ganja Mann takes your mind through the depths of the track. The captivatingly uplifting flow is very easy to let your soul escape within. As you reach the middle of the tunnel, the sound takes a twist and fills the room with charming visuals. The stunning visuals perfectly support the cause of the music video.

‘Head To Toe’ is designed with the richest of the ingredients of music-making. The vibes work well in the context of the track and it feels catchier than the opening verses suggest. With each passing verse, you feel more and more connected to the intentions of the artist. There are enough materials present in each layer of the track that is more than capable of keeping the audience hooked to the track from the start to the end. The raw passion with which the artist has carried out the track is simply mind-blowing. His artistry is second to none. Subscribe to Trap Baby Dre’s YouTube channel to witness his next projects. And, follow him on Facebook to keep yourself updated.

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