Finally, the game death stranding is out. The latest game by Hideo Kojima is sparse, atmospheric and it has got nutty cut scenes to the fullest measure and downright. It could either be the eerie Beach, or the BTs which are creepy ( having handprints which are splashy)or landscapes which are beautiful are traversed, Death stranding has got something to it which has got a more cinematic feel than a video game, which is more of an experience rather than a Sony exclusive which is action-packed.


The latest game by Hideo Kojima received a lot of attention from the press and the media. Teaser trailers are dozen n number, as the launch trailer is very cinematic and 8-minute long and has got cryptic Tweets. In spite of everything, in everyone’s mind one question is raised since the game was announced is: Death Stranding is all about what? So What Is Death Stranding, And Does It Deserve The Media Hype? A Quick Look At Kojima’s Latest Title


After the gameplay’s first couple of hours – no major spoilers could be found- it is very easy to tell about anything related to Death Stranding and what it is, given the fact that the storyline itself seems unwieldy and complex. Death stranding is an experience in a video game. 15-20 minutes are spent in the first hour by walking across a mostly empty landscape. Music is there and your cargo is bizarre totally but basically, you are still going on a 20 minutes virtual hike.


Most parts of the dialogue at the start of the game are expositionary and one can enjoy the very cool insane graphics along with cut scenes instead of what is going on in the first place. If some of the characters have been looked past there are the appearance of strange names ( Die-Hardman, I’m looking at you) and references are drawn towards BBs, Timefall, and Rainbows, and there is a lot of things in death stranding that you can appreciate. 


It is more of an unsettling game than it was expected. Creepy moments are genuinely there as it verges on the psychological horror instead of jumpscare which are heart-popping. There is creepiness in the entire atmosphere which does not get any help from Norman Reedus who is very much confused, almost consistently and also horrified as the facial expression shows and there is also reluctance to do anything and happens for just about everything.


Even though the video game is a success, the aim of Death stranding is very clear which is all about something beyond the medium. It was already announced by Kojima recently and hopes that one day his studio will create and produce movies and in the grand set pieces of the game, it is quite obvious and has got a cast of an all-star.


The game can only be played on the PS 4 currently, as hopes have been raised for a version in PC which will arrive next year sometime. For playing the game, it has been recommended to hold out for yourself only instead of watching out for a playthrough in Youtube and the spoilers have been avoided by trying which is bound to happen as it has been inevitably figured out by people what the game of Death Stranding has and what it is all about.

Rafael Schneider

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