Trap Baby Dre has given the most brilliant interview on Stutter Box TV that has unraveled various aspects of hip hop and rap song along with the nitty-gritty s of the genre. The interview took place at the ‘Street Exces Studios’ and the setting was very apt. From the look of the interview, it may seem that the singer was very impromptu but it was really not the case. The audience got enriched with the different facets of the making of hip hop and rap songs. the singer had the usual swag of a rap star and the interview was on a different level. Song making is not any child’s play and it requires quite a lot of honing of skills which have been explained by the singer who was at his usual self.

In the interview that took place at Stutter Box TV, the singer Trap Baby Dre has mentioned the different nuances that have to be kept in mind while creating a rap song. He specifically mentioned the use of funk in the rap and hip hop genre which is an integral part. He spoke about how the mumble in the rap is executed by the singer while taking the pain to match it with the orchestration. The backdrop one other thing that he kept mentioning as it plays a pivotal role and the makers have to pay utmost attention to that aspect. According to the singer, the vibe of the song has the potential to connect with the audience and that is one aspect which is an important cog in the wheel.

Trap Baby Dre in his interview at the Stutter Box TV has also mentioned the organic aspect of the music-making, especially that relates to rap and hip hop. according to him, there has to be an unwavering passion that is quintessential for any kind of art and rap is no different. There has to be utmost authenticity on the part of the singer which has been mentioned by the singer during the interview. The stunning performance that has been delivered by the singer is all because of the sheer talent that he possesses. The audience had a gala time watching their favorite star. You can find the interview on Youtube.

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