It calls for a celebration when Overwatch‘s GOATs meta is finally gone after a chaotic one and a half years. Various attempts were made with buffs and nerfs  to eliminate GOATs before blizzard put a warning and implemented a 2-2-2 role lock. Now the good time arrives as t’s Been 3 Months Since Overwatch Locked 2-2-2, Still No Patches To Fix Heroes From GOATs Meta. Now the players will be eased at heart to the heroes coming all together in the team-based shooter.

GOATs was a meta created by the North American team GOATS, that used to ran itself through Overwatch‘s Open Division. The meta had three tanks and three healers. The game had a slow built up which almost killed any enthusiasm of a player to play it because the war heroes were not available. The situation was not in the damage heroes’ favor because the damage-dealing heroes could not get rid of the high-health three tanked meta with burst fire, and whenever the heroes burnt down its energy, three healers pumped the tank full of resources. It is a game where damage-dealing heroes had to have the majority of the roster; GOATs, on the other hand, came with six heroes for over a year.

After many buffs and nerfs to various heroes, the developer of Overwatch, Blizzard cautioned and implemented role lock. The heroes put up a counterattack upon the meta.  Blizzard’s hard work of so many years were suddenly replaced with a newly added hero with the ability to hold a shield anywhere in his line of sight, Sigma.

For this, another new meta was formed with double shield where Orisa is played along with Sigma,. You will find the pieces of shields everywhere in the battlefield that prevent heroes from making any attack. The shields successfully put up obstacle that results in only close-ranged DPS being viable. This makes the ‘one-hitter-quitter’ Doomfist a meta by Reaper next to it. Doomfist is so effective that it will definitely make at least one kill per fight t with his rocket punch, an ability of agility. He moves forward with a fraction of second and eliminate the opposition with just one hit.

Though the fans expressed grievance for Blizzards slow reaction to the metas. But now the fans are in a better place after killing the GOATs. But they are still pretty indifferent and are not considering fans’ views. Now the players are skeptical about paying attention to the studio, that once awestruck their fans.

When the game was brought forth, it was a massive hit and kept on making promising developments with quirky changes to make the game work.  But the efforts were buried and all went in vain in the middle of the second year when it was heard that Overwatch 2  is in the process of making. Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan said in an interview that they had to take a step back because they had to put all their attention in the development of the game.

Consumers of the game promised lifelong support to Blizzard to be loyal fan of the game. When the developers are trying to improve Overwatch 2 , many gamers put their views online on Twitter, reddit, and Twitch. So we can try to purchase  Overwatch 2 before they roll out Overwatch 3. Another assumption is that the Riot’s Project A is not coming out soon.

Rafael Schneider

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