Zo Dinero

Zo Dinero is an artist who has taken the mantle of the musical genre of hip hop. He has taken the musicality and soundscape of the modern hip hop genre and has placed it upon his unique style of vocal delivery and musicianship in the track Drop This’. The level of passion with which he has carried out the entire track is simply mind-blowing.  A spellbinding production under Octiive and an impeccable fusion among various ingredients have led to the immense success of this track. It is the kind of track that seems like a classic, due to the smooth energy, sleek beats, and mesmerizing vocal performance. But, a close listen makes things pretty clear, as the intricate details of the structural development hit within the first sixty seconds.

The hook is addictive and easily recognizable, making you unable to get out of the ambiance. The musicality of the entire structure of this track has so many more elements than any average hip hop track. The opening verses introduce Zo Dinero as someone of impeccable artistry. The use of synths within this track makes the sound feel new and refreshing. The notes and chords of the instrumentation play their role too in keeping things tied up to the basics of the musical genre.

The fusion of classic ingredients with modern-day hip hop trends has placed the track in the league of the best hip hop track of this year. Having engineered some of the most impressive hip hop tracks of this year, like ‘Energy’, ‘Low’, ‘Mama’, and ‘Diamond Fangs’Zo Dinero was looking to come up with something more than musically entrancing, and here it is. ‘Drop This’ has all those elements that are needed to make a track evergreen. Follow the artist on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud to witness his upcoming track ‘Bipolar’, to be released on January 17.

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