Bars episode 3 

‘Bars episode 3’ is the kind of musical project that feels fresh whenever you listen to it. Marcus has managed to skillfully fuse various ingredients of the musical genre of hip hop. The track opens up with the verse ‘Chasing coin can change you but I’m not flipping’; this doesn’t give an idea at all about the awesomeness inside the entire musical package. The lyricism takes some serious turns throughout the run of this music video. It is the mellow sound of this track that has entranced the audience. The music video slowly yet impressively progresses through the captivating vibes that are driven by the impeccable artistry of the lead artist. It is a complete package, with almost all the musical elements that can be arranged.

The performance of Marcus itself has more than enough passion and intensity to carry the entire musical arrangement. And, when this enchanting artistry gets fused with such impeccable music production, it ultimately gets so much more irresistible. This irresistibility of the track continues throughout its entire run. Bars episode 3is driven by a musical soul that can entrance anyone. As a listener and hip hop fan, you get the chance to live within the magnificence of the musical progression. The intricate structure of the lyricism of this track works pretty well for the track and provides the sound with a refreshing feel. The groovy vibes present within the structural details is gritty and full of attitude.

The swagger of Marcus presents the track in a stylish and fashionable way. The majestic feel generated by the soundscape of ‘Bars episode 3’ has helped in elevating the entire structural arrangement. The undeniable realness present within the verses is something that you can truly relate to. The mellow and thick sound effect of this track does more than expected. As you move into the musical piece, the beats start to gather around the ambiance, the hook starts to drown you, the rhythmic progression holds tight to your attention, and the voice builds around all of these elements to portray the true passion and artistry of the lead vocalist. To witness more from Marcus, subscribe to his YouTube channel and keep grooving.

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