Drew The Dream labels his name as a versatile rapper in the industry with his latest hip-hop release. The artist has electrified his fan base with his consistent rap hits. The record brings out new qualities in the rapper that leave anticipation in the listeners for what’ to come next. Being surprisingly balanced, the latest track keeps the South Carolina rapper Drew The Dream’s fiery rap essence alive throughout, syncing rhyme patterns while experimenting with new styles of music. He shows an attitude that stands tall amidst the intricate weight of the music, showcasing how professional the artist is in terms of musicality. There’s self-confidence and dynamism in his voice that remains the highlight of his compositions and helps keep things entertaining all throughout.

On his new track, ‘Some Cut Remix’ Drew The Dream has stitched his lyrics with the most catchy instrumental background that gives the song a neat structure. His infectious rap flow is something to admire completely as he shows his desire to push the repetitive hip-hop boundaries with his stylistic approach towards the genre. The artist has a great rap talent that can easily enhance the temperature of any room. A club banger, with a crazy electronic backdrop, the song shows how the skillful rapper drives the track with full energy and passion.

Coming from Carolina, the artist’s manner of delivering the verses makes sure to connect with the audience for its clarity and at the same time sounds extremely entertaining. Overall the project highlights the many different styles Drew The Dream’s abilities and gives the audience a peek at his mass appeal. He also well proves that he is undoubtedly a strong contender in the fast rhyme styles and deserves a lot of acknowledgment for his flawless musicianship. Listen to the track on Soundcloud and follow the rapper on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

Just go for this track ‘Some Cut Remix’ by Drew The Dream :


Jacklyn Ryan

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