ROB RAWSKI made a powerful statement with his latest composition that just proved how necessary it was for the hip-hop genre to welcome a talented artist like him. With the power and capability to call out the most unconventional and surprising music, the San Leandro hip hop artist ROB RAWSKI has questioned the ongoing repetitive noises with his strong attempt to bring a revolution. The artist makes his work stand significant from the others as he emerges with uprising new creative sounds to craft out his recent soundtrack. The musician and producer aim to cut through the hip-hop world’s monotonous soundscapes and has exercised a diverse and innovative approach to electronic and hip-hop music to cultivate a dedicated following to his creations.

OUT THERE offers the audience the much-needed break forms the usual mixes and sounds like a breath of fresh air in the mainstream market. The artist brings out his creativity and artistry in the most realistic manner with the help of several diverse arrays of instrumentals and experiments with the most astounding sonic elements to mark his signature style and sound. Build under the label ALTERNATE UNIVERSE MUZIC the song sounds upbeat with the pulsating beats arranged perfectly at various turns to enhance the richness of the sound.

Coming from the United States, ROB RAWSKI highlights his bouncy club-style perfectly in the latest creation and makes the audience groove to his endless rhythmic beats. The song ‘OUT THERE’ encompasses a notable unique flow and is accompanied by seductive female vocal in between the riffs. The hard-hitting punchy synths and chopped vocals in turns make for a superb melodic progression and create a surreal soundscape as a whole. Flowing smoothly and engagingly with boasting fluent rhythms and intelligently carved out melodic hooks, the song is now available on Soundcloud for full listen.

Listen to this song :

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