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You have to focus on lyricism, as these hit the mind with emotive vibes and an impact that is everlasting. The words of the track Failures’ makes the entire scenario feel very real. You can feel and relate to the truth of the spoken verses, as the ambiance surrounding these words captivates you within the moments of bliss. The weight of the lyricism has certainly stolen the show here. Senses of longing reach the ears that will make you wonder about the depth of the concept of the entire presentation. Through this track, Colorado rapper Jaded Rapper has thrown the audience into the sea of creativity that one can hardly get enough of. The distinctive high energy of the track is present at the gaps of the structural intricacies, which is soaked into the calm ambiance of the soundscape.

The dreamlike ambiance is something that not everyone would like to experience, yet get allured towards it. This is the kind of impact that the artist and the producer Gabriel Dixon has been able to cast. The weighty hook line offers a vibrant array of ingredients that can catch the soul from the moment of pressing the play button. The references are simple yet intricate, making the entire premise oddly satisfying and hypnotizing, to say the least. The surprising yet satisfying arrangement of ‘Failures’ is filled with creative elements that can make anyone fall in love with the artist. It has certainly brought back the classic vibes of the genre, making it one of the most engaging tracks of the recent few years.

Having already enthralled the audience with tracks like ‘Invite’, ‘Confused’, ‘Unclouded’, etc., Jaded Rapper is now making the audience go crazy with his latest album ‘Soliloquy’. The melodious soundscape and the mellow build-up of the track demand attention and the audience will certainly find themselves surrounded by the fascinating lyricism. You get tempted to listen to the entire arrangement over and over. The blissful ambiance is scintillating to witness and shouldn’t be missed a lot. You can listen to more from this amazing artist through YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer. And, to know more about the artist and his upcoming projects, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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