Finding your soul getting drowned within the ocean of visual as well as a sonic treat that one never knew about the existence, the Radcliff hip hop artist DopeDrumma has done something tremendously special with his latest track. He has always been behind creative creations, such as ‘Da G.O.A.T [Freestyle]’, ‘FADIN’’, ‘The Rib’ etc. The visual treat on top of these audio adventures makes you praise the artist. DopeDrumma’s latest YouTube release has introduced some of the most engaging tracks of the genre. The lyricism as well as the flow are certainly incredible and become more impressive with each passing second. Featuring LOwkey X M3rkuryy, the music video On Da Way (Fo real) soothes the soul of the listeners. The entire presentation is huge, accompanied by an equally gripping video.

The sheer rich quality and the creative brilliance of this track is the kind of track that will make you wonder how come you haven’t come across it. The artist cum actor cum producer, DopeDrumma has showered sheer brilliance over the entire structural development. This track is certainly the product of the fusion of the richest ingredients of the genre and the immense passion of the creator. This stunning piece of sound is refreshing, exciting, and interesting at the same time. The variation of the ingredients, throughout this track makes you put the focus on the entire premise, alluring towards the majestic stature of the rhythm. From the backdrop to the soundscape, everything is designed according to the tone of the creator.

‘On Da Way (Fo real)’ washes over the musical sense of the audience in a completely unexpected way and the manic presentation is just blissful to witness. The mellow tone of the sound is contrasted brilliantly with the madness of the soundscape and the performance of the artists, something one just cannot help but appreciate. With each passing beat, the entire arrangement becomes more intense, captivating the mind of the audience and refusing to let go. Produced under DrummaGame Studios, this musical project has taken the genre of hip hop to a whole new level of magnificence. Showcasing the unique work of the creators and the dedication they have shown, the whole thing charges up the ambiance. To be a part of this majestic ambiance, you must visit YouTube.

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