Mayne is a stupendous singer who has garnered humungous popularity with his swashbuckling songs in the hip hop and rap genre. The singer has belted out the most incredible song Moonlight’ that has created frenzy among the fans. The song has been impressively crafted by the Maryland hip hop singer Mayne. The singer has shown his sheer flamboyance in other popular songs like ‘Dream’, ‘No Hook’, ‘Blasphemous’ and ‘Message 2 Fans’. You can check out his Facebook wall to catch a glimpse of the absorbing posts made by the singer. You could also log in to his Twitter profile and start a prolonged conversation with the singer getting a thorough notion about the latest traits in hip hop songs.

In the track ‘Moonlight’ by Mayne, there is an aura of authenticity that comes with contrasting thrilling beats. The vibes of the song are bone-crunching with a modern twist of hip hop tunes. The singer has an inclination to spirituality which is very unique for a rap artist. His songs narrate the psyche and emotions which is poles apart from what is dished out by a regular hip hop artist. You can plug into the Instagram handle of the singer and peep into the engrossing pictures and videos shared by the singer.

In the song by the prolific singer, there is a dash of confidence that is intoxicating. The vocal control is amazing with oodles of funk. The bars are raised by the singer with an astounding execution of rap. He has created a rare breed of hip hop tune which brings the soul closer to the consciousness that is holding us together. He has touched upon many genres and can be regarded as a connoisseur of sorts that paves the way for his versatility. One can visit popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud to listen to his exquisite songs.

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