Image Credits – Happy Gamer

The Shiro Games’ Nordic RTS, Northgard has opened itself to massive balance updates. Although a lot of comprehensive reading has been done on a few of the general changes being made in the game a lot of it is yet to be done as some huge changes are coming to the different clans.

Indie RTS Northgard Gets A Balancing Patch To Even Out The Playable Clans. Northgard comes in several different animalistic clans with each of them having a specific play style that it compliments. While some of the changes are more extensive than the others to complement their given play style, while the others are relatively minor to keep the clan where it is present in the ranking order.

The different Clans and the changes made are as follows:

Clan of the Ox:

The Clan of the Ox involves the maximum changes brought in any civilization, that targets their building and military might. Then comes in the City Builder, which means that in the improved zones the specialized unit present receives a 10% Production Bonus and Buildings upkeep is reduced by almost half. The nerfs are meant to stop the Clan of the Ox from getting dominant by making the wide civilization even more taxing.

The Military Pressure forces all non-villager units to gain a production bonus that is based on the number of military units that are under control. Torfin present can still use provocation to make all the enemy units and the towers to target him while he doubles his defense fir six seconds, which is almost half of the previous ten seconds.

Clan of the Kraken:

Norns accentuate Happiness production by 20% and Wyrd production by 10%. The Near the Sea Spirit generates 1 Krown and 1 Wyrd every 3 buildings, which is down than the current 4. In this clan, the Foresight Lore will replace Medicine. Also, the Howl of the Sea Master lets the military units killed in neutral or enemy zones to possibly become a Spectral Warrior under the player’s command.

Clan of the Dragon and Clan of the Snake:

Both the Clans have been merged as both of them have a single change coming their way. Shiro has lowered both the Clan’s attack power by a significant 5% in regards to Snake’s Signy and Dragon’s Dragonkin.

Clan of the Boar:

In this Clan, Environment Hostility has been significantly reduced by 70%. The production of the non-villager units in the Forests, Swamps, and Fish gets improved by 10%. Here, the Neutrals will no longer accept the same trading resources twice and Osmosis has been moved from Negotiate to Trading Caravan present in the lore tree.

Clan of the Raven:

Here, the Gear Upgrade now gives away 2% attack power and dense power for each active Sailor or Merchant.

Clan of the Goat:

The Building Goat’s Relic now lets the player build another Sheepfold. The clan here will now start with one sheep and can also build Sheepfolds. Sheep produces 10% less food and the Shepherd Lore and Spare Tools are now reversed.

Clan of the Stag:

Hero Emblem causes the Altar of Kings to cost 5 Stones to build.

So, here are all the changes that have been made so far and players can now hope that their favorite clan is one of those that have been buffed. A bit of game time can help the player to get accustomed to the changes rather swiftly as none of them are too much drastic.