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Apple Arcade’s one of the better offerings is undoubtedly Exit the Gungeon, which is the sequel of Enter the Gungeon. This features some fascinating dungeon climbing elements and it has also done pretty well on the Arcade Platform as a whole. Well, it seemed like this is where it would stay for the future, but Exit the Gungeon has finally come to Steam after being an Apple Arcade exclusive.

As many as six months have passed since the exclusive release of the game and now more and more gamers will be able to play the game. This is great news for the fans, who had played the first game and want to see the improvements introduced by Dodge Roll Singlecore.

The story of the sequel continues from the end of the last one, where the gungeoneers were looking for absolution against the gundead. They had fought hard for gaining freedom and they can get it if the cards are played to perfection.

The players will get to control various gungeoneers through the stages, where they will have to fight with the enemies and the bosses. The detailing of each level is pretty unique, which has kept the game refreshing. The players will get to interact with many interesting characters while battling and climbing through the bullet hellfire. Some of these characters are pretty new, while others are from the prequel. These interactions help the players to break up the more action-oriented moments, which can turn out to be intense.

As the players progress into the game, they will get the chances of earning some awesome loot and enjoying an ever-changing weapon. It will keep the premise intense and keep the players on their toes as the mechanics shift once they have gotten comfortable. The users of the game have loved diversity. No matter how many times one plays the game, he will always get to experience something new. Thus the players can never get accustomed to the settings, which is perfect for the gameplay.

Overall, the game is the perfect sequel to the first one, in all the right ways. It is also thrilling to witness an exclusive title like this being made available on various platforms. More gamers will now have the chance of checking out the features of the game.

The gamers will be thrown into chaotic scenarios, which will seem hard to make sense of at times. The more the users play, the more efficient they will become and that’s when the fun will start. The length of the game is very much, which provides the players with more reasons to come back time after time.