lab spitta

Fusing the complementing ingredients of the musical genre of hip hop, the talented rapper lab spitta has provided the audience with a track that needs to be celebrated. With this fascinating, the artist has set the international charts on fire. Seldom, the audience gets the chance of stumbling upon such tracks that can keep them hooked throughout. The track ‘Bag Moves’ has introduced innovation to the musical timeline, which is blissful to witness. Extracting the richest ingredients of the genre, the Philadelphia rapper has breathed imagination into the canvas which cannot be left unheard. The smooth soundscape of the track has reached out to the fans and allured them into it.

Bag Moves

The impactful presence of the artist has enticed the musical senses of the audience and forces them to get involved in it. The backdrop swiftly binds the ingredients and presents them to the listeners, and before they know it, they are confined within the artistic abilities and musical charm of the creator. Created under Grand Gang Management, the track Bag Moves has introduced the artist, as someone of immense artistic abilities and professionalism. His performance has worked well in terms of all the aspects of music-making and taking the audience on a ride of a lifetime.

This is the kind of track that can captivate anyone and that is completely due to the passion and intensity, with which lab spitta has performed. His creative brilliance is pretty visible in each of the verses of the track. Backed up by famous tracks like ‘PMR’, ‘Brand New’, ‘When I Get It’, etc., the artist is all set to leave a non-removable mark on the music industry. And, this is just the start for him. You can listen to more from the artist through SoundCloud. Visit his official website or follow him on Instagram, Twitter,  and  Facebook to know more.

Soundcloud is a music streaming app where you can listen to his song :

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