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It is not at all a problem for Sophie Turner as she is being forced to stay back at home with her hubby Joe Jonas, whom she is very fond of because of the COVID-19 pandemic that the world is going through right now. The alum of Game of Thrones made an appearance on Tuesday on Conan at Home to have a word with Conan O’Brien through a video chat and it has been admitted by the actress that she very much loves the self-isolation. Sophie Turner Loves Self-Isolating With Joe Jonas – ‘This Is Great For Me’.

It is being mentioned by Turner that she is very much quarantined with Jonas at her home and it is not much of a deviation from the daily routine that she is part of.

Turner said to O’Brien that she is very much a homebody and at the same time an introvert. Given a chance, she would stay at her home all day long. That is the reason she reiterates that it is a great time for her. During the period, while she is in quarantine, she leaves her house once every day to go out for a stroll and walk her dogs. This is the only reason for her to get out of the home during this quarantine period.

Sophie Turner also mentioned that she really could not figure out how the social distancing is becoming a real struggle for some people. In a satirical remark, she jokingly said that social distancing is difficult for them but they can do one thing to get rid of this struggle and that is by staying at home and also getting drunk at home.

O’Brien answered this remark by saying that he has been all eras to Dr. Fauci who happens to be President Trump’s leading expert in the task force for the COVID-19 and he cannot remember the doctor was telling the people anything about drinking while at home. Turner was quick to acknowledge the fact and admit that she does not mean anything like the exact words uttered by her but the actress who is soon going to be a mother said that he is thinking it to be precisely what has been said. She further said Dr. Fauci has been doing the same thing.

Sophie Turner is an introvert by nature and she enjoys being not having to dress up during the period while she has been in isolation. She also has been telling O’Brien that it is just sweatpants that she is wearing these days. She even went up to lifting her leg to show it to the camera. She further went on to say that and described the ensemble dress that she was wearing a party on the bottom and business on the top.

An update was also given by Sophie Turner regarding what Jonas has been doing during this period of quarantine and what he is up to really. The star from The Dark Phoenix said that Jonas has been busy DJing at his home and he has been doing it in a really loud manner as she is finding it hard to read her scripts and trying a lot to concentrate.

Nevertheless, Turner went on to say that it is great fun and alcoholic drinks are poured by her for her husband like the shots of tequila. The actress also said that her hubby texts her some time to know what time it is and quite funnily she would answer by saying that it is the shot time for him.

According to Sophie Turner, the best part of being in such a situation as in self-isolation with her hubby Joe Jonas is that it is always fun and no rules are followed as such.

Like all other talk show hosts from late-night TV, Conan O’Brien has been continuing to work from home during the outbreak of the pandemic and weeknight videos are posted by him on YouTube which is titled Conan at Home. Sophie Turner has been starring in the new series of Quibi called Survive whose premiere is slated for 6th April.