‘220416 Mas Basura’, the song has been released by the California multimedia artist, Coq Freisenberger. The musical presentation has gathered more ears.  

Coq Freisenberger

Russ Andrade, globally known as Coq Freisenberger is taking the level of music to a new level. This skilled artist is spreading his musical charm with his exceptional creations. The groovy and hooky instrumental music of his soundscape easily captivates the heart of the listeners. The artist is well-aware of the fact of how to mix and match variant kinds of instrumentals at the same time. He is an independent artist, who single-handedly composes, records, and produces the tracks. His latest craft 220416 Mas Basura is getting a lot of appreciation for its enigmatic presentation. The artist has been successfully entertaining all his listeners.

The California multimedia artist’s latest work ‘220416 Mas Basura’ has gathered a lot of ears in this short period of time. The exceptional way of presenting the work has generated a buzz among all the music enthusiasts. The mix of the upbeat yet soothing music gives a pleasant feeling. The beautiful synchronization of the music has attracted the listeners more. Other than that his different way of presenting the tracks has amazed all the audiences. Every creation of him is completely different than each other and gives a different vibe to them.

Coq Freisenberger, the immensely talented artist is a profound creator of the music industry. He has delivered a lot of music in his prosperous musical career. some of his praiseworthy works are, ‘220420 Moon Cheese At 101’, ‘220415 Post Card From Erewhon’, ‘220416 Safe To Say’, and ‘220412 UFO Ride’. All the creations are more diverse and unique than each other and have a refreshing essence in them. All his songs are available on SoundCloud and Spotify. Visit his profile to listen to his amazing work. Apart from that, follow him online on Facebook and Twitter to get all the updates on his upcoming projects.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Coq Freisenberger: https://soundcloud.com/russandrade/220416-mas-basura

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