The carefully curated soundscape of Maryland hip hop singer Mayne aspires to reach out to the people with its inspirational and spiritual substantial elements.

The genre of hip hop has been famously recognized acting as the mouthpiece for artists trying to convey their deepest thoughts and ideas to the mass. Prominent hip hop star Mayne aims to transpire his musical wisdom to elevate the soul in a therapeutic musical bliss. With the employment of eloquent wordplay, his songs pierce the consciousness of the audience, guiding them through troubled times to recovery. Well-synchronized chords defined by heavy bassline in his music are therefore electrified by his deep and captivating vocal capability. The singles ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Dream’ are the truest form of acoustic delight grafting a soulful atmosphere with a condescending flow of drums and a lush splendor of background score.


Hailing from Maryland, this spiritually motivated artist maintains his artistic excellence portraying sophisticated melodies intensified by polished and illustrative lyricism, ascending to reach the inner psyche of the listeners through his musicality. With the careful exploration of the vast musical universe, he has derived eminent attributes from different genres, the Maryland hip hop singer has crafted his soundscape hoping to fulfill the void of originality that hip hop has failed to notice over time.

The harmonic progression of vibrant beats and witty yet emotive wordplay of his music suppresses the contemporaries creating a sensual musical singularity. Mayne’s popular track ‘No Hook’ presents a mesmerizing and cryptic wordplay with powerful and fluent delivery of words is bound to leave a permanent mark in the minds of the listeners. His other song ‘Blasphemous’ enthralls the hip hop enthusiasts with a stimulating and groovy vibe escalated by his rich and robust vocal prowess. This well-seasoned musician has already acquired a name for himself in the hip hop and rap industry with his various songs making rounds on different radio stations across the country. To know more about his musicality, be sure to follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

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