Eklchump is a producer par excellence who has given the vocalists in the hip hop genre to highlight their talent. He is reckoned as one of our generation’s formidable Canadian music producer who has an eye for raw talent. As a producer, he has dished our brilliant numbers in the rap and hip hop genre like‘TAKEASHIT’, ‘TRANSFORMER’, ‘CALM’, and ‘GRATEFUL’. Some of his other popular rap numbers include the songs ‘TECHNICALDIFFICULTIES’, ‘SITSOTM’, ‘FUCKED’, ‘CREATION’, and ‘NEMO’. He owns an avant-garde and magnificent production house called ‘EklchumpOnTheBeat’ with state of the art facilities. He has expressed his humility when he says that he is part of a miniature process and has to go a long way to make it a huge success. He wants he is fond of cymbals that are operated through the foot and are part of a drum kit. He wants to create an eclectic melody creating different kinds of sounds. He wants to dish out such rap numbers so that the audience develops a better taste to understand the brilliant tunes. Soundcloud is a very popular music streaming site from where the songs produced by him are aired.

In ‘TAKEASHIT’ produced by Eklchump, the hook-line is whip-smart backed by a delectable flair of funk. In ‘TRANSFORMER’, there is a dash of reality with an immaculate groove which creates a delightful ambiance. In ‘CALM’, there are brilliant keyboard riffs with passionate vocals. In ‘GRATEFUL’, there are cool vibes with rhythmic warmth.

In all the songs belted out by the producer, one can find the unwavering passion with which he has taken the initiative for fostering the vocalists to bring the best out of them. In all the songs, brilliant techniques are used and attention to detail is provided on the lyrical and vocal drives. The performances are stunning that have sent the audience’s into a tizzy.

Enjoy Eklchump’s music on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/cameron-jon-emmelkamp

Jacklyn Ryan

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