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Good things take time and the same happened for G2 Esports as they finally head back to the 2020 LEC Spring Split finals. After four exciting games, G2 Esports Defeat MAD Lions In Loser’s Bracket Finals To Advance To The Grandfinals Against Fnatic today.

At the beginning of the game, there was a lot of hype surrounding the matchup as MAD had defeated G2 back in the first round of the playoffs. The young team had shown much enthusiasm and potential to fight and also there has been a coming up of a new star jungler in Zhiqiang ‘Shadow’ Zhao.

However, things turned else wise for the MAD fans soon thereafter when G2 fueled the heat and showed off the form that the viewers got quite used to from the defending LEC champions.

The first two games saw the defending champions playing perfectly well along with some great roams from the Jankos and also Mikyx who speeded up his teammates with Yummi. Moreover, Caps also had a field day during game one when they had collected 14 kills on Vayne.

The third and the fourth part of the game turned more into a festival kind of thing where both the teams opted for an elongated team fight that constantly ended up in even trades. MAD succeeded to make a series out of it as they won the game three as well, but after several pauses, G2 emerged with a superior team fighting where they controlled every dragon, Rift Herald and Baron that spawned. Moreover, at a certain point in time, it seemed that G2 would face off against Fnatic, but somehow MAD Lions had managed to put up one hell of a fight.

Out of all, The Spring Split was one of the most appealing seasons that came up from a roaster with four cookies. As players know that after getting placed in the fourth during the regular season they went ahead to beat G2 in their first best of five which shows how much MAD has grown in a single split. Following all these events, players won’t be surprised to see this particular team amongst the top three rosters in the next season.

Additionally, G2 is currently heading up to the Spring Split finals against Fnatic. Since Fnatic’s five-game series won to G2 during the 2018 Spring playoffs, both the teams have shared a strong heated rivalry that would excite any League of Legends Fan.

According to many fans, Fnatic is the cleaner team out of the two posts this season and fans can n=only wait to see what happens when G2 and Fnatic finally meet.

As all know, both the teams, G2 and Fnatic are world-class level who have reached the World Championship quite rightfully, and both the teams have in store many more surprises for their fans shortly.

Fans still have to wait to find out why Jankos was the MVP of the Spring Split or to know what the rookie Selfmade is made of on Fnatic. To now all the details players have to stay tuned for the playoff match.