Far away from being the center of arch lights, the promising hip hop star Devious is creating some enthralling numbers in rap. He has belted out the most fascinating and pitch of a song ‘Que se joda! Fuk it!’. The rapper who hails from Elgin, Illinois is known for his authenticity and his true self is genuine. He has displayed masterful artistry in both Spanish and English hip hop songs. The independent musician is a rebel by nature with a dash of confidence. His songs are based on life experiences coming from mundane life. There are oodles of rawness in his tracks that speaks volumes about their rugged nature. His daughter has been the sole inspiration behind his musical pursuit. You can log on to the singer’s Instagram to know more about his prospects that are mouth-watering as well as the shared pictures and videos.

In the number Que se joda! Fuk it!’ by the staggering hip hop musician Devious there is a bone-crunching beat with organic touches of elements of fusion. The clap of the beat is magnificent in a thumping and roaring backdrop of heavy electronics. Some of his other popular tracks are ‘School Of A Hard Knock’, ‘Midwest Resistance (DVS)’, ‘Bellakqueo Intenso’, ‘I Dont Stop’. You can plug into the Twitter handle of the singer and start a nonchalant bantering.

In the track by the gifted rapper, there is a whip-smart and bouncy groove with profound flickers of instrumentation. There is an infectious sway that makes the coolest appeal for the audience. The stunning mumble in the rap has flabbergasted the listeners. You can plug into major music streaming sites like Soundcloud to listen to his terrific tracks. One can log on to popular trending platforms like YouTube to catch a glimpse of the belter of music videos.


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