Image Credits – Happy Gamer

FunPlusis now rules the roost in the world of legends and champions who made a winning score against Invictus Gaming. By defeating Invictus Gaming In China’s LPL Spring Split Playoff they reserved the third spot in the league with 10 bonus championship points.

Though Invictus Gaming enjoys the reputation of the best team in China’s LPL Spring Split Playoff, they failed to astonish the crowd with their normal charms and lost the match to a new team FunPlusis at a crucial point. They have not performed with their regular zeal in the match. One thing they imbibed as the fundamental ethos and that is to give a good show. Their gameplay is either to dominate or be dominated but never make the game predictable. The last match was chaotic and the failure might be a lesson they needed.

FunPlusis tweeted after winning the match that they started the spring challenge by losing it to IG but the wheels had to turn. After winning the match, the blow is even, according to the team. All they hope to feel the same luck in the coming summer with other challenges.

The first match was a disaster for Invictus Gaming as they outplayed from the beginning. IG’s top lanerTheShy seemed determined to play with Jayce without considering his top lane opposition and made a mess due to his dumb stubbornness.

The second match was pretty chaotic and time consuming with competition shoulder to shoulder. IG’s junglerNing made a mistake and immediately lost two Smite battles to get a Baron and Ocean Drake that made a clear indication of standing IG on the losing side. After few moments of losing the second game, Invictus Gaming landed on the loser’s corner with a 20 minutes struggle.

On the other hand, FunPlusis has got back the lost sunshine by winning three matches in the same night. They have constantly outperformed their strong opponents in this season. LWX managed to get a triple kill all three games and the winning card was to get a Baron in the second match. He killed the opposing ADC many times in the match. This moves became the highlights of the match.

Both the teams have played in an outstanding manner and the season let us see some incredible matches including the last one. But that could not save them a spot and were outclassed by Top Esports and JD Gaming in the end. IG lost a few matches before against worse teams this year. FunPlus Phoenix had a different strategy and they chose not to play with one main top laner, swapping between GimGoon and Khan in several games. If they used a single top laner and helped him to improve throughout the series, they might see the finals as well. Though they are the winner of the previous world champions, the top laner was not good enough and that is the undeniable reason why FPX acquired a substitute top laner. Theoretically they should have played better.

The LPL has ended on 2nd May with a match against two teams Esports and JD Gaming. They fought against each other in the finals to win the title of the best Chinese team. The review of the final match of the series will be coming up.