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Stormi, the 2-year old daughter of Kylie Jenner, happens to look like exactly the carbon copy of how she was at her age and used to look the same. Starting from their go-to facial expressions along with their every other feature is almost completely the same. A couple of throwback photos have been shared and have been proved by the Kardashians star from The Keeping Up. The photos are put side by side along with some of the recent snaps of her baby girl. It seems that it is quite safe enough to say that they virtually look like identical twins.

Fans are gushing over and freaking out over the daughter and mother duo as comments are pouring in on the respective section for it as they can visualize the incredible resemblance between them. KUWK: Kylie Jenner Baby Pic And Stormi Pic Side-By-Side Post Is A Real ‘Try To Find The Difference’ Challenge – They Look Like Actual Twins!

They are pretty much like the twins. The makeup mogul who is a billionaire has posted two photos that are placed side by side. Both the photos are incredible and very cute.

The images that are put side by side have been shared by a fan first as Kylie proceeded and went on to repost the pictures on her IG Stories but the post has expired in the meantime.

In one of those pictures that are compared both of them are making a facial expression that is almost the same and identical where they can be seen where the lips are sucked in by them very cutely.

Not merely that one but moreover they are also seen sporting the same hairstyle along with other similarities like their bright and big brown eyes are almost indistinguishable and both their cheeks are absolutely adorable and very much the same shape as they are round.

Two cute pigtails are sported by young Kylie that is tied up along with red ribbons as her daughter can be seen in her curls and has been sporting a single and a tiny ponytail that can be seen in the picture. The snap was taken during the Ellen DeGeneres Show where the star made an appearance.

Everyone could have been fooled by all this stuff that they are one and this is the same had they been wearing identical or same clothes.

A blue and white checkered dress has been worn by Baby Kylie that comes straight from the Wizard of Oz while her daughter has been posing with a croquet top with a cream color.

At the end of the day, it is very much evident that not much has been inherited from daddy Travis Scott by Stormi.

Speaking on the same subject, the rapper happens to be in quarantine at the moment with the 2-year-old daughter and Kylie even after they have moved into the new mansion by Jenner.

While there have been rumors that are going around about them reuniting, nothing can be confirmed as of now and it seems to all of us that amidst the quarantine they have been living together because of their daughter Stormi. They are doing these for the sake of their daughter so that she could be with her parents and remain happy in her life.