Tooboii Esaan Gill EL

The Arizona hiphop artist has let honest emotions and musicianship get mixed with fascinating bars and melodic beats on some of his musical works. Offering a collection of passionate and enthralling performances, accompanied by weighty yet delicate beats, and lyricism that strikes the mind with immense impact, the artist has been expressing his artistry perfectly. An easy reflection of the artistry of Tooboii Esaan Gill EL is present in his latest release ‘TYB’. The track kicks off well and with each passing moment, it builds upon the basic in a more refreshing way. At each half-minute mark, the moments vary and reflect more than the fans had expected.

The beats of the track Apple bootom are on new heights and even the rap verses are way too intense, reaching out to the audience and pushing them into the sea of creative bliss. The bars have helped in the structural buildup of the track, which has gathered more attention. The structural intricacies of ‘ERYKAH BADU are intentional yet are in complete sync with the rhythmically captivating soundscape and easily connect to the musical senses of the listeners. These moments have helped in enveloping the minds of the listeners perfectly within its structural development.

The contemporary fragments of ‘smoking and drinking’ live through the creative brilliance of Tooboii Esaan Gill EL. This track has cast a greater impact on the audience, due to its strong beats that speed up the track, not letting the audience get bored or tired. The dreamlike ambiance of the track has made the entire arrangement appear as something more enchanting and hypnotic. Apart from these, there are many other tracks that have kept the audience engaged from the beginning to the very end. Find and follow him on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook to know more.

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